Welcome to Plagron Professional, our website for large scale professional growers. For you as a professional grower we go the extra mile. As the first brand in the industry we offer full service for the large scale use of our assortment of substrates, fertilisers and additives.
We have developed a number of services to optimise our contribution to your daily activities.
Personal contact with our grow specialists
Quick visit of your facility in case of questions or problems
Water- and soil analysis directly from our own laboratory
Specific wishes through our R&D department
In almost three decades we have proven ourselves to be a reliable, committed and dedicated supplier for your worldwide business. You can always count on our specialised sales managers. They have a large network and broad experience with your specific grow.
Sidy Schärlig
Sidy Schärlig was born in Switzerland. He has many contacts in the industry and will happily use his extensive network to be of service. Thanks to his lengthy experience in the sector, Sidy has the knowledge to optimally support your grow.
Email: sidy@plagron.com
Marc van Sonsbeek
Marc van Sonsbeek has been active in agriculture all his life. He has travelled the world for multiple international companies. This has put him into contact with many different growing projects.
Email: marcvs@plagron.com